Through the Scranton Plan’s partnerships with state and local governments, companies within Greater Scranton are prospering in our pro-business environment.

Our economic development and workforce team is ready to serve as your community partner, assisting you in all aspects of your business relocation/expansion process.

Whether you require assistance in crafting a financial incentive package, engineering and infrastructure design, permits, approvals or recruiting talent, our team will be your community partner starting from your initial contact through your operations commencement and workforce onboarding.


Pennsylvania Business Taxes

  • Corporate Net Income Tax – 9.99%
  • Sales and Use Tax – 6.00%
  • Personal Income Tax – 3.07%
  • Capital Stock and Franchise Tax – 2.89 mills

Local Taxes

  • Wage Tax (Earned Income Tax)
  • Local Services Tax
  • Mercantile Tax
  • Business Privilege Tax