Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania offers many opportunities to invest and grow your business and real estate portfolio. The Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Program (LERTA) offers incentives to residents, investors, developers and business owners considering investing in new construction or building improvements located within the City of Scranton and surrounding areas.


Designed to encourage economic development and community growth, the Local Economic Revitalization Tax
Assistance Act (LERTA) program allows local government taxing entities to extend a tax abatement period to property owners. This tax abatement is for improvements to real estate within the designated LERTA area. The terms of the abatement vary per site, building and location. LERTA abatements are directed and approved by the county, school district and municipality in which the real estate is located.

Lackawanna County

Lackawanna County is open for business offering a multitude of LERTA approved buildings and land sites to choose from. If you are a resident, investor, developer or business owner looking to expand, explore the many advantages the LERTA program has to offer.

City of Scranton

The City of Scranton, in conjunction with the Scranton School District and Lackawanna County, passed a LERTA abatement on all residential, commercial and industrial properties located within the city. LERTA approved projects will receive a 10-Year, 100% Tax Abatement on owner improvements to properties within the confines of the city. Tax exemption applies to the improvements to the land or building only and are subject to standard tax rates and terms. 

City of Scranton LERTA

  • 10-Year Tax Abatement
  • 100% Tax Exemption
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • All properties located within the City of Scranton are eligible
  • Exemption on land and building improvements only

LERTA Approved Locations

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    City of Scranton
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    Covington Industrial Park
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    Glenmaura Corporate Center

If you are interested in finding more information about the opportunities within the approved LERTA designation, The Scranton Plan is your one-stop resource. Our economic development team has an inventory of available buildings and land sites within the approved LERTA zones. Our team stands ready to assist you with all services needed to invest, locate, expand your business and grow your family in Greater Scranton. Contact us today to learn more about the many LERTA opportunities.


Supported in part by the City of Scranton.